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**Forthcoming Events**
(In descending chronological order)

  • August 7th 2013 (Wednesday at 10am). A walk around Thrislington National Nature Reserve, with Ivan Dunn. Children and adults alike will be excited at the opportunity to look for fossils in the marl slate, a famous rock band, in the Magnesian Limestone series that has yielded many fish fossils over the years. Also included will be a walk around the Reserve to see its wildflowers and butterflies. Transport provided from East Durham by minibus.

  • July 24th 2013 (Wednesday at 7pm). 'From priory village to colliery town' . Join an evening walk around the historic heart of Ferryhill in the company of buildings expert Peter Ryder and archaeologist Alan Rushworth, and find out what buildings around the Market Place and its overall form can tell us about the village's early history. The walk will continue on into Dean Bank to examine the impact of the development of the collieries.
    Meeting Point: in front of the Town Hall, Ferryhill 7pm.

  • July 21st 2013 (Sunday - 10am-4pm). Open day at Ferryhill Heritage Centre, Duncombe Cemetery.

  • July 17th 2013 (Wednesday at 1.30pm). Visit to Thrislington Quarry. View the Magnesian Limestone geology exposed in Thrislington Quarry, find out about the quarry operations and hunt for fossils in the Marl Slate pile with geologist Ian Kille and archaeologist Alan Rushworth.
    Meeting Point: Site offices reception: Thrislington Quarry, 1.30pm.

  • July 4th 2013 (Thursday at 12pm). Ferryhill South Carrs Walk.
    Come and join us on a walk through the south Carrs from Ferryhill Station towards Mainforth and back. We'll be looking at the wildlife of the area and helping to build a better picture of the ecological value by using the Limestone Landscape's WildWatch.

  • June 26th 2013 (Wednesday at 11am). Wildlife Identification and Surveying Day at Ferryhill (part 2). The second of our survey days concentrates on the wildlife of disused quarries, especially limestone grassland plants, butterflies and insects.
    Meet outside Cleves Cross Primary School at 11:0am for a short walk to the area where we'll look for important indicator species showing just how good this area actually is.

  • June 19th 2013 (Wednesday at 10am). Thrislington Quarry and National Nature Reserve.
    A presentation of the Limestone Landscapes with Ken Bradshaw, Heritage Officer at Thrislington Quarry, followed by a walk into the reserve to view Magnesian Limestone grassland flowers and invertebrates with a search for fossils in the Marl Slate pile.
    Meet at Thrislington Quarry Offices 10am.
    For further information contact Ken Bradshaw on 03000 267152 or email

  • June 16th 2013 (Sunday at 11am). Botanical Treasures of the Magnesium Limestone. 11am (5.5 hours) 5 miles MEDIUM
    Join John Burgess Geologist and Natural Historian.
    Start: Road from Ferryhill to Bishop Middleham, opposite Hope House Farm at junction with closed road. DL17 9DW. GR NZ322321 OS map 93, Explorer 305.

  • June 15th 2013 (Saturday at 12pm). Wildlife Identification and Surveying Day at Ferryhill. Meet outside Cleaves Cross Primary School for the first wildlife and survey day in Ferryhill Carrs. We'll be concentrating on the wetlands and woodlands trying to find out what lives there.
    This course is aimed at people who would like to improve their identification of wildlife species. All species data will be recorded and shared with the Environmental Records Centre to help identify the wildlife importance of the area.

  • June 1st 2013. Historic Landscapes and Buildings of Ferryhill and Chilton.
    Examine the medieval villages of Ferryhill, Great and Little Chilton, their layout, surviving earthworks and historic buildings in the company of Peter Ryder & Alan Rushworth.
    Meet in front of the Town Hall, Ferryhill 2.00pm.

  • May 22nd 2013. Investigating Landscapes History. Archaeologist Alan Rushworth will show how aerial photographs, historic maps and other clues can be used to reveal ancient landscapes.
    Meet at the Manor House, Ferryhill Town Centre, 7:30pm.

  • May 21st 2013. Meeting of the Ferryhill Village Atlas Steering Group.
    Meet at Dean Bank School 2pm.

  • May 15th 2013. Introducing the geology of Ferryhill. Find out with Ian Kille what geology tells us about the very distant past of Ferryhill from ancient deserts and tropical seas to Ice Age meltwater torrents.
    Meet at the Manor House, Ferryhill Town Centre, 7pm.

  • May 3rd 2013. Natural History meeting with Ivan Dunn.

  • April 29th 2013. Historic Environment Record session with Alan Rushworth. Meet at 1pm at the Durham HER.

  • March 27th 2013. Oral History training event with Ian Roberts.
    Meet at 7-30pm, location to be announced...

  • February 27th 2013. A talk for the Ferryhill History Society.
    Meet at 7pm at the Elden Pub, Ferryhill Station.

  • February 26th 2013. Meeting of the Ferryhill Steering Group.
    Meet at 2pm in Ferryhill Station School.

  • February 2nd 2013. Village Atlas Open Day and Ingathering Event.
    Meet at 10am - 1pm at Ferryhill and Dean Bank Institute.
    Download the Flyer > (PDF 592kb)

  • January 30th 2013. Meeting of the Ferryhill History Society.
    Meet at 7pm at the Elden Pub, Ferryhill Station.

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