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**Forthcoming Events**
(In descending chronological order)

  • August 8th 2013 (Thursday at 10am). Wildlife identification and surveying day. A day on the beach! We're looking at sea creatures and creatures that live on the beach and cliff faces. So if you fancy checking out the rock pools and looking at seaweed, crustaceans and gulls then please come along and join us.

  • July 30th 2013 (Tuesday). A talk on the early medieval church at Easington, with historian Eric Cambridge.
    Meeting Point: Seaton Holme at 7pm.

  • July 22nd 2013 (Monday). An evening walk around the villages of Easington and Little Thorpe, looking at historic buildings and village layout, with buildings expert Peter Ryder and archaeologist Alan Rushworth. A rare opportunity to see the early medieval carving in St. Mary's Church, Easington.
    Meeting Point: Meet in front of Seaton Holme at 6.30pm.

  • July 12th 2013 (Friday at 11am). Wildlife Identification and Surveying Day - Rainton Meadows.
    We're working with Durham Wildlife Trust at Rainton Meadows on Friday 12th July, looking at birds, butterflies and flowers on the nature reserve.
    If you want to learn what's there or just brush up on your identification skills then come at meet us at the visitor centre at 11:00am

  • July 8th 2013 (Monday). Wildlife Identification and Surveying Day.
    Come along to another of our Wildlife Identification and Surveying days. This time we're checking the area around Little Thorpe and Thorpe Wood.
    If you've got binoculars and identification guides then please feel free to bring them.

  • June 25th 2013 (Tuesday). Easington Wildlife Walk-Around.
    The second of the Easington ecology walk-arounds will look at wildlife of the cliff and coast. We'll be walking from the Easington Colliery car park towards Hawthorn Dene and back, looking at magnesium limestone flora, coastal birds and invertebrates.
    Meeting point: Car Park at the former colliery site, 12pm.

  • June 24 2013 (Monday). Ice Age Relics at Warren House Gill.
    Meet some Norwegian migrants and discover the awesome power of Ice Age glaciers.
    Meeting point: Warren House Gill car park, 6.30pm.
    (Easily accessible for anyone of average walking ability).

  • June 22nd 2013. Hawthorn Dene Family Fun Day. 11am-3pm. Come and explore the beautiful woodlands and get involved in some family friendly woodland activities. View the leaflet here >

  • June 17th 2013 (Monday). Beacon Hill & Easington Raised Beach.
    Explore more of the geology of Easington with a walk along the coast from the former colliery site to Beacon Hill and the world-famous Raised Beach. Find out how a beach can end up 33m above sea level!
    Meeting point: Car Park at the former colliery site, 6pm.
    (This walk requires reasonable levels of fitness, particularly the section leading down to the raised beach. Spectacular views of Shippersea Bay will compensate those who prefer to remain at the clifftop.)

  • June 10th 2013 (Monday). Fossils, tropical seas and melting glaciers.
    Discover ancient marine fossils and explore the varied geological history and changing environment of Easington through a short walk from Townfield Quarry to Couslaw Holes Quarry & Memorial Park meltwater channel.
    Meeting point: Townfield Quarry car park, 6.30pm.
    (This is a gentle walk open to all fitness levels. There is parking at the Welfare Hall near Couslaw Holes Quarry for those who wish to drive from Townfield.)

  • June 4th 2013 (Tuesday). Oral History:
    Ian Roberts and Richard Carlton will give another session on the oral history of Easington – reviewing interviews conducted by the Atlas group, giving further advice on interviewing techniques and how to transcribe the data.
    Venue: Healthworks, 5.30 – 7.30pm.

  • May 28th 2013 (Tuesday). Interpreting Aerial Photography:
    Aerial photography has revolutionised archaeological and historical research in modern times by revealing sites and monuments invisible to us on the ground. Join archaeologist Alan Rushworth and learn how aerial photographs can be used to identify ancient remains and unlock Easington’s past. Venue: Healthworks, 2pm.

  • May 24th 2013. Join Ecologist, Ivan Dunn to build up your knowledge of the Magnesian Limestone flowers and grasses. Tell the difference between a species poor amenity grassland and a species rich biodiversity haven and have the opportunity to investigate at least one site on the Durham Coastal Grasslands.
    Meet at Easington Colliery Welfare Centre, 10am. Bring Packed lunch!
    For further information and bookings, contact Ken Bradshaw on 03000 267152 or email

  • May 21st 2013 (Tuesday). Research Historic Documents:
    From Estate records and tithe maps to colliery archives and 20th-century school logbooks, historian Ian Roberts will survey the full range of documents available for the study of Easington’s past, outlining where they can be found and what we can learn from them.
    Venue: Healthworks, 2pm.

  • April 23rd 2013. County Durham Historic Environment Record (HER) visit with Richard Carlton. Meet at Durham Civic Centre. Time to be confirmed..

  • April 19th 2013. Introduction to biodiversity with Ivan Dunn.
    From 2-4pm at Easington Colliery Welfare.

  • April 17th 2013. Meeting of the Easington Village Atlas Steering Group. From 4-5pm at the Health Works.

  • April 4th 2013. Introduction to Historic Buildings recording and interpretation, with Peter Ryder & Richard Carlton.
    Meet at 6pm in Seaton Holme

  • April 2nd 2013. Introduction to Historic Documents relating to Easington with Alan Rushworth. From 2-3pm at the Health Works.

  • March 28th 2013. Introduction to Historic Landscapes interpretation using Historic Maps and Aerial Photos with Alan Rushworth. From 2-4pm at the Health Works.

  • March 19th 2013. Geology training event with Paul Williams.
    From 2-3pm at the Health Works.

  • March 14th 2013. Oral History training event with Ian Roberts & Richard Carlton. From 5-30pm - 7-30pm at the Health Works.

  • February 27th 2013. Easington Village Atlas Meeting.
    Meet at 4pm at Seaton Holme.

  • February 20th 2013. Easington Oral History Training Event.
    Meet at 5-30pm at Easington Colliery Welfare.

  • February 9th & 13th 2013. Easington Village Atlas Open Day and Ingathering Event. View our POSTER here >

  • January 30th 2013. School's meeting.
    Meet at 3pm in Easington Colliery Primary School.

  • January 22nd 2013. Easington Historic Village Atlas 'start-up' meeting.
    Meet at 2pm at the Parish Room, Easington Colliery.

  • December 19th 2012. Easington Historic Village Atlas preliminary meeting. Meet at 2pm at Seaton Holme, Easington.


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